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I am just a phone call away if you’re experiencing any life struggles or career orientation issues.

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"Making sure you develop the mindset to succeed in life"


I’m Leoni Dimitriou

I believe that personal development is essential to reaching your higher purpose and achieving genuine happiness. Anyone who needs guidelines should have it. I have lived for more than 5 years by providing affordable life and career coaching services to ordinary people who have ambitious goals for as long as they need them.

I am a qualified Personal / Leadership and Executive Coach through Kingstown College Ireland who always has energy, and I will be there for you to guide you to achieve your goals.


Groups & 1-on-1 Counseling

I provide affordable life and career coaching to groups or One-on-One sessions in Cyprus, Ireland and Online.

I will be your biggest fan, the cheerleader you need to follow your ambitious goals. 

Everyone needs a person to believe in them; I will be that person to you!

Personal Development

Get yourself where you wish to be. Self-improve and self-assessment are keys. Find, develop, and empower your personal skills. Enhance your quality of life.

Goal Setting

Set SMART goals and an action plan. I will motivate you and guide you towards your goals and give you the support you need.


Find your main source of motivation and take an advantage by integrating it into your life. Find your reason being to engage on your goal directed behaviour.

Building Confidence

Empower your skills to help you build confidence and achieve the things that matters to you in life. Interview preparation included and resume review.


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